Monday, October 24, 2011

You Stole It - storyboards

In my 3D Animation class this semester we only have two assignments, and more than that, we could choose what they were. Most of us chose to do a two-person lip-sync for the first assignment, myself included. I chose a piece of audio I found at the Eleven Second Club, a clip from the hilarious movie 'Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.' These are the original storyboard sketches.

Sketches - Hands

First assignment in our Heads and Hands sketchbook; three views of the hand. I ended up drawing my own hand, which was a challenge in and of itself. Also, I bought the wrong kind of pen, which made things difficult. The first two drawings are the same hand - literally. The second is a photocopy that's been gone over to be darker.


First assignment in my Heads and Hands class. My professor has taught us a way to draw that's entirely different from what I've been taught in previous classes; to start with the shadows, not with the lineart. In fact, in this drawing we weren't supposed to show line at all. It was fun to work on, and even if I wasn't totally happy with it, I still got an A. I'm especially happy with the lips and the necklace.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Avatar - Born This Way

This is what happens when I watch one of my favorite episodes of Glee and then go on an Avatar-watching binge.

Avatar sketches

Some sketches I did of Avatar that I actually liked. I especially like how Katara turned out. All of these were done from reference.

Zoo sketches

This past summer for my birthday I wanted to go to the zoo to sketch the animals. They had a great new exhibit called the Elephant Crossing - I'd never seen elephants so close before.

The guy on the top left was telling us all about the elephant exhibit before the elephants came outside.

Sketches from the Rainforest portion of the zoo.

The apes were hard to sketch because they moved around a lot, but I got some interesting gesture sketches. It's amazing how human they can seem.

I think the polar bear and the seals are my favorites. ^^

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

30 OTPs

Okay... I came across this thing on deviantArt (before I stopped going on the site because it kept giving me viruses), basically a challenge to draw your top favorite pairings. I thought it looked like fun, so I started doing it. I've kind of lost interest, but again, if I do any more, I'll definitely post.

#1 - Mira and XR, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command

#2 - WALL-E and EVE, WALL-E

#3 - Cosmo and Wanda, The Fairly Oddparents

#4 - Ron and Hermione, Harry Potter

#5 - Flik and Atta, A Bug's Life

#7 - T.K. and Kari, Digimon

#10 - 5 and 7, 9

#11 - Hiccup and Astrid, How to Train your Dragon
(this one was actually inspired by a short fanfic I came across)

...Yeah, some are out of order. ^^;

Praying Man

I've been in kind of a dark place this past year. I was diagnosed with OCD, which is actually much different than what I always thought it was. Over the spring semester I was copying a head pose from one of the demo videos. As I was drawing the face I realized I had changed the expression slightly, but the expression I had created really spoke to me. That, and the problems I was facing with my OCD, inspired me to write this text.

Vitamin D

Just a fun sketch I did based on an episode of glee.

RENT comics

A couple of comics I did based off of songs in RENT. I actually planned to do all the Voice Mails and Tune Ups in sketch form, but I lost one of the tune ups. If I can find it, I'll definitely put it up here.

Happy Independecne Day!

Picture I did for Independence Day. It's a play on words, get it? :)

I had a lot of fun with this. Basically, I designed several different fireworks, then came up with about three different ways to make each design glow or sparkle. Then I just had fun arranging them in the cross pattern so that it looked nice.

We Are All Witnesses

This Easter picture was inspired by a billboard that used to grace a building in Cleveland. It got me thinking about how we are all witnesses of Christ, and how he stretched out his arms on the cross... It just seemed to fit. Looking back, I wish I had done more with this.

Christmas Cross

I was inspired to do this image around last Christmas (yeah, that's how long it's been) but I didn't actually finish it until around Easter. I was thinking about the Star of Bethlehem and I realized, you know, when you see depictions of stars they usually have five points, but the Star of Bethlehem more often than not only has four. It has four points - just like the cross. I wonder if that's something that artists actually do on purpose. I'm actually pretty proud of how it came out; for once I didn't just stop once I thought it looked done, I kept going and surprised myself with some really nice results.

Texture and Lighting - Pumpkins (Realistic)

The final challenge for our Pumpkin project was to create a realistic-looking pumpkin - and this time, we could use Internet images. I had a lot of fun finding images and piecing together a pumpkin. Someone even found pictures of a special blue pumpkin! I didn't even know there were such things!

Waiting room sketch

Sketch I made of a dejected-looking guy while waiting to go see my therapist. I thought I captured his attitude pretty well.

Texture and Lighting - Pumpkins (Patterned)

For this portion of the pumpkin assignment, we were supposed to use the 2D controls within Maya to create unique patterns on our pumpkins. The pear was demoed to all of us; then we were supposed to come up with our own patterns. I made a plaid pattern, cork, tiger, and elephant skin. My favorite is the plaid.

Texture and Lighting - Pumpkins (Flavored)

Now, THIS was a fun assignment. We were given models of pumpkins and had to texture them using only bump controls in Maya itself. I was amazed at how the same controls could make textures that looked so different from one another. Each of us had to make pumpkins of chocolate, orange, leather, and copper.

Texture and Lighting - Midterm

The first seven weeks of my Texture and Lighting class were devoted to texturing a single model; a scene of an alleyway. We couldn't use any Internet images, just photos that we had taken ourselves. And since I was home during the spring semester, all the alleyways around me were covered in snow. I decided to make that work for me and created an icy alley.

The scene was provided, but I did all the modeling for the trash.

Clothed Figure Final

Decided to post this separately, because it's kinda special. For the final assignment I got to pose all of my family. It was fun because I was working with a story and got to place them in more exaggerated poses. The sketch didn't turn out as well as I might've liked, but my hat's off to my family, all of whom gave me really good poses and expressions.

Clothed Figure

So, I've been really bad about uploading to this blog, and I've got a lot more work to show.
Here are some of my best sketches from my Clothed Figure Drawing class.