Saturday, September 25, 2010

Old Stuff

So, I officially have a blog now. How exciting is that. :)

I'm hoping to use this as a place to store all my art, jumpstart a portfolio, and basically get my stuff out on the Internet. For starters here are the pieces I've been most proud of ever since coming to the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

Drapery; first assignment from Analysis of Form

Still life, midterm for Analysis of Form. The boot alone took me a day to render.

Portrait. Final for Analysis of Form

Portrait of my sister, done in the spring semester as a midterm Figure Drawing project.

Figure Drawing project; a take on M.C. Escher's hands drawing hands. There's quite a story behind this one. I had just recently learned that my cat of 11 years, Sweetheart, had died. It was consuming my thoughts and emotions, so I decided to incorporate it into my drawing. Using my own hands for reference, I formed the words I wanted using American Sign Language. The drawing hand says 'I love you' and the hands being drawn say 'sweetheart.'

Final for Figure Drawing. We were supposed to include a self-portrait, a study of a master work, and something from contemporary art that inspired us. The last animated film I'd seen in theaters was 'How to Train your Dragon,' and I loved it. I decided to combine all three elements into one scene. Toothless is watching me as I draw Albrecht Durer's 'Praying Hands'.

Videos to come in a later post. :)

God bless!

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